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Апр 3, 2012

AppStar Picks – apple for kids

AppStar Picks on the AppStore

AppStar Picks is a collection of over 250 top picks apps for kids reviewed and tested by well-established review sites. It offers a large selection of apps for kids of all ages from toddlers to teenagers. AppStar Picks is specifically designed to allow parents, grandparents, teachers and carers to easily find the best apps for kids available via a friendly interface and an amazing smart search engine. It is universal and works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch… By AppGrade

…For many parents or teachers finding the best apps for kids can be overwhelming. Creating AppStar Picks was an amazing experience! What we have created is a utility app that makes the search easier… By Nathalie van Ee

…Teachers will find this app is fantastic for finding high quality apps that have been reviewed by trusted sites. The design is nicely done and the app is easy to use… By Troy Kuhn

How it’s made

It wasn’t easy at all!
Work began in the summer of 2011. Long negotiations and discussions, time-consuming.
First idea was to make something candy like.

Colors and associations.


On this basis, we made a few more concepts.



The second attempt.

 чч иим 

Variety of color combinations for navs, tabs, tools and backgrounds.


 The icon battle was next…

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3 Апр. 2012 |   category:  iOs Apps

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